Minecraft Library of Babel

Minecraft Library of Babel

The Minecraft Library of Babel is a library that spans an entire Minecraft world. It contains every possible combination of 15 characters. That's over 100 quintillion books (1 followed by 20 zeros).

How do I browse it?

A world download would be approximately 400 petabytes in size, so instead you need to use a custom Minecraft server. You can download the source code for this server here, or join this server which will be hosting the world 24/7: (currently on Java version 1.18.2).

You will be placed in a random part of the library. Right-click on a bookshelf to open it and take out books. The books will respawn so don't worry about putting them back. Type /help for a list of commands. The most useful command will be /search, which lets you find where a specific page is located in the library.


This project is heavily inspired by:


How It Works


How does this work?

Check out the video embedded above under the "How It Works" section for an overview.

If you'd like to dive deeper, feel free to browse the source code here:

Why only 15 characters per page?

Even though Minecraft worlds are so big, they're only big enough to fit all 15 character books. If I tried to fit all 16 character books, I would need to store 27 times as many books and there simply is not enough space in a full Minecraft world for that.

Why do other players look "laggy"?

In order to reduce lag and support the most amount of players on the server at the same time, player positions are updated less frequently than vanilla Minecraft servers.

Why can't I do _____ on this server?

In order to reduce lag and support the most amount of players on the server at the same time, many common Minecraft features are not available including throwing items and syncing player state.

Search Tools

Also see the search tools site here:

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